Sunshine Pups

Mini Dachshunds For Sale

                                                                            A LITTLE ABOUT US:

     A love for animals is an under statement.  I have always loved pets as a little girl.  I even went to school for pre- veterinary medicine. About 15 years ago a friend of mine gave me a mini dachshund for a pet (without papers).  We named her Sissy.  My kids loved this dog as much as my husband and I did.  This dog was another child to my family.  She was a big sister to my children as well.  Where ever they went she was sure to follow.  She was a good baby sitter as well as protection to my kids while they were playing.  My daughter would put Sissy in bed with her every night.  Sissy would listen sometimes better than our kids.  LOL  We would tell her to go to bed and she would go and climb in bed with my little girl.  She knew where her bed was.   Little did I know but the dog became my daughter's security at night.  Sissy was very much loved and spoiled rotten.  About  8 years ago Sissy died.  This was a very big tragedy for my family.  We all cried together because she was dear to us  in a special way.  Well that Christmas my husband and I decided to get another puppy(with papers).  My kids were so excited.  My middle son told me that he felt he should have played with Sissy even more when she was here.  But since she is gone he said that he was gonna play with the puppy we got that much more.  And he does!!  In memory of the dog that was so close to our hearts, we decided to name this puppy we got for Christmas Miss Sissy Melancon, because we will always Miss Sissy!!!  Since then we have decided to put a little SUNSHINE into as many homes as possible, henceforth SUNSHINE PUPS derived.  So a promise from my house to yours is to give you a prespoiled puppy with lots of love and SUNSHINE at heart!!  Your puppy will be kid friendly (especially from my kids prespoiling these pups!!) I hope you enjoy your visit here at SUNSHINE PUPS!!                                     


                                                                                  Here is Sissy with her liter!